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Heavy Towing & Recovery

Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery is Candido’s specialty. We provide complete 24-hour heavy-duty towing and recovery in...

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Road Service

Candido’s Towing & Repair provides Road Service 24/7 for truck and trailers of all makes and models. We provide fully equipped service...

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Candido’s moves a variety of special equipment with our Landolls/lowboy trailers. We will move your equipment efficiently.

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About Us

hme-abt-img Candido’s Towing and Repair has been South Central Kentucky’s premier towing and recovery operation for over 40 years. Since 1972, Candido’s has been family owned and operated and that has been a huge factor in our success. We specialize in heavy-duty towing and recovery as well as 24-hour mobile road service for complete truck and trailer repairs. We also offer equipment transport, light-duty towing and much more. Being one of the oldest in the business in the area, there is practically nothing we have not encountered in equipment or situations.
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